Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What to do after you've blown your calorie budget

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Holiday parties and gourmet meals can easily get a little (or a lot) more decadent than you expected. Let’s face it- Everyone blows their calorie budget during this time of year.

Don’t fall a victim to the "Well, I already blew my diet, so I may as well continue to blow it” mentality. These tips will help you resume your healthy habits ASAP!
Weight maintenance and weight loss is way more about the decisions you make over time than it is about a few random binge-fests.

I’m a tennis player and in tennis, losing one point isn’t the end of the world. It happens to the best of us! In fact, if you can consistently win a few more points than you lose, you will come out on top. With healthy eating and exercising, as long as you’re consistently out-stepping your steps back, you’re ahead in the game. If you expect perfection (and many of us do), you’re setting yourself up for disappointment and guilt.

Try one (or more) of these small steps each day.

1. Try a short workout. Even five minutes is better than nothing. For ideas browse our Exercise for Fun & to FEEL good pinterest board.

2. Try a new recipe using our delicious Bari Life Products! Cooking healthy foods can be fun and it never has to be bland.

3. Eat a healthy breakfast when you’re hungry. Your morning meal sets the stage for the rest of your day, so start if off right! Get lots of high protein breakfast ideas here.

4. Drink water. Try to aim for 8 cups each day and you’ll feel the difference!

5. Check out myJourney on ObesityHelp.com. Seeing how others overcome similar struggles and obstacles can be a great source of motivation.

6. Track your food today. No matter how it adds up, you’ll learn from it. Try using the myfitnesspal app. on your phone.

7. Share your goals. Whether you share them on your social media page or with a friend, you’ll be more accountable. Even share them with us!

8. Get support, whether you need someone to listen or a mentor to give you ideas and encouragement. Ask your surgeon if their program has a support group you can join or find a support group that best suits you online.

9. Take a walk! Don’t worry about how long or far you go—just get out there! Even to the end of your street and back.

10. Create a motivational collage. Include pictures of your goal, reasons why you want to get there and inspiring quotes to get that pep in your step. Check out our motivational board on pinterest!

11. Go shopping for some healthy foods. Use the Bari Life diet plans for great ideas.

12. Check the nutrition facts before you go out to eat. That way, you can make an informed choice.

13. Take the stairs. Even if this is the only thing you do all day, you’ll feel stronger for it.

You CAN get back on track today. Even if you’re moving slowly, you’ll be moving in the right direction!

To your health! 
The Bari Life Team
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