Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Healing after Bariatric Surgery

Bari Life’s Bariatric Supplements ensure healthy recovery after post bariatric surgery. With so many over the counter bariatric vitamin options and such limited information available, the only true source for answers are the actual Bariatric Doctors themselves.

Dr. Stephen Boyce M.D. of Bari Life has set the standard in custom multivitamins  or the Post Bariatric Patient. Bari Life is a select arrangement of the nutrients your body specifically needs to overcome the massive changes it has undergone.  

Extreme weight loss surgery options and post surgery care are real concerns for thousands of Americans everyday. Bari Life was created by one of the top weight loss surgeons in the world, Dr. Stephen Boyce M.D., to satisfy a need he saw far too often during his 20 years in his bariatric surgery practice. The eating habits of many of his patients left them on an endless loop of weight loss and weight gain with poor recovery times. Even worse, due to erratic body weight and previous crash diet attempts, patients’ bodies were not receiving the nutrients needed for proper living especially after weight loss surgery. In essence their bodies were working against them.

Seeing this phenomenon again and again, Bari Life was created to focus on the proper nutritional education of the public which culminated in a very specific, post surgery, healthy living, product line. Dr. Boyce M.D. introduced his patients to his new recovery program as a part of his entire medical package. What is truly amazing about this product is all your needs are in 1 bottle and in that 1 bottle it meets and exceeds the recommended dosages from the ASMBS.

With incredible results from his career as a bariatric surgeon and a deep understanding of the psychology behind weight loss and weight gain, Bari Life’s custom multivitamins are designed to be simple, affordable and effective for everyone.

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To your health! 
The Bari Life Team 
Bari Life is high quality bariatric vitamins that are clinically proven supplements to help in post bariatric surgery. 
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