Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bari Life is here for you... every step of the way after bariatric surgery

BariLife’s all-in-one bariatric nutritional supplements kick starts and supercharges your body’s natural healing elements after bariatric surgery.  Our design is simple because our goals are pure. The specifically selected ingredients are all provided by nature. Dr. Boyle has spent over 20 years helping individuals with need of extreme weight loss; prepare for surgery, complete the procedure and heal afterwards. His concepts of health have always been all encompassing.  

Consultation: Choosing the route of gastrointestinal (bariatric) surgery is not an easy one. Our patients have spent years watching their loved ones swing across dance floors, run and play with their children as well as the simplest of all, taking a picture within a group without anxiety.  Our patients have tried the boot camps, the ancient secret remedy diets, the oils and the herb are ready to hit the RESET button on their bodies.

Surgery: After the smoke from the paperwork, research, and pre-screening are all complete, now the real tasks begin. This is a life changing event. This is everything that you have dreamed about for so long it hurts to think of anything else.  The final books are closed. The surgical gown in placed and the door to your old life has opened up to a new one.

Healing: Like all surgeries, the prettiest pictures are NOT the ones taken immediately after the procedure. Once the bandages come off and you are now in the infant stages of your new being. As an infant, baby steps are needed before you can run and baby nutrients are needed to make sure you grow healthy and strong. 

That’s where our patented nutritional supplements come in. Our system is perfectly designed to target the muscle groups and new digestive procedures your body is coping with. It is a massive undertaking and one that we handle with precision and care. 

To your health! 
The Bari Life Team 
Bari Life is high quality bariatric vitamins that are clinically proven supplements to help in post bariatric surgery. 

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