Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bariatric Vitamins Fuel Your Body

Bari Life Bariatric Vitamins For Health For Life
Bari Life Bariatric Vitamins for your health!

Bariatric vitamins, such as Bari Life’s bariatric multivitamin tablet and powder, are essential to your health. Following weight loss surgery, bariatric vitamins could mean the difference between maintaining your healthy new physique and developing serious medical conditions.

Bariatric Vitamins Post Bariatric Surgery

Earlier this year, the American Medical Association officially recognized obesity as a disease. Affecting approximately one in three Americans, the recognition of obesity as a disease demonstrates the medical community’s commitment to advance obesity treatment and prevention.

Weight loss surgery has become a safe and effective method to combat obesity. Following surgery, vitamin and mineral supplementation will play an important role in your overall nutrition plan. Not only will you be eating less food, you also will have decreased ability to digest and absorb certain nutrients.

Bariatric Vitamins for Health, for Life

Patient education is paramount, and emphasis regarding the importance of bariatric vitamin supplementation should begin prior to surgery and continue immediately post bariatric surgery and beyond.

Keep in mind, both non-surgical and surgical patients trying to lose weight benefit from a typical bariatric vitamin regimen. Your primary care physician should be diligent in working with you to provide the appropriate bariatric vitamin supplementation to help prevent serious complications.

Bariatric vitamin supplementation should be continued for life and include regular visits with your doctor to ensure you are taking the recommended daily amount of bariatric vitamins. Weight loss surgery helps reverse serious medical conditions to help you develop a happier, healthier, and more functional life. If you fail to take essential bariatric vitamins and supplements daily, you simply are trading one set of medical problems for others later.

To your health!
The Bari Life Team
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