Sunday, August 18, 2013

Leading the Way in Bariatric Surgery and Clinically Proven Bariatric Vitamins!

Bari Life leads the way in bariatric technology
Bari Life leads the way in bariatric technology

Always on the cutting edge of bariatric technology, Dr. Stephen Boyce, prominent bariatric surgeon and founder of Bari Life Bariatric Supplements continues to advance improvements in both pre and post bariatric surgery.

In addition to developing a line of clinically proven and highly effective bariatric supplements, Dr. Boyce is the first bariatric surgeon in Tennessee to perform Robotic Greater Curvature Plication for weight loss surgery.

What is Robotic Greater Curvature Plication?

This amazing weight loss surgery technique utilizes a da Vinci® robot to perform a minimal invasive surgery. For many patients who undergo robotic surgery, the experience will be less painful, leave fewer scars, and result in potentially faster healing.

In addition, many experts believe Robotic Greater Curvature Plication will reduce the complications associated with surgery. Modern robotic surgical systems also promise several improvements compared to conventional methods of surgery, including:

  • Improved dexterity of the instrument
  • Reduction in hand tremors
  • Better 3-D visualization
  • Greater camera stability
  • Greater ergonomic comfort

Robot assisted surgeries have now been deemed safe for several types of weight loss surgeries such as laparoscopic cholecystectomy, Nissen fundoplication, and gastric banding. Little more than a medical curiosity 14 years ago, the da Vinci® Surgical System today offers a growing number of surgical patients the alternative of minimally invasive, robotic-assisted surgery.

Post bariatric surgery can be the start of a wonderful new beginning. Dr. Boyce continues to lead the way at Bari Life with cutting edge bariatric technology. From the one of a kind Bari Life MultiVitamins to the largest clinical study of proven effectiveness in Multivitamins, the Bari Life Team strives to help patients achieve a better quality of life post bariatric surgery.

To your health! 

The Bari Life Team
Bari Life is high quality bariatric vitamins that are clinically proven supplements to help in post bariatric surgery. 
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