Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Eating Healthy During The Holidays

Bari Life Vitamins
Eating Healthy During The Holidays

Bari Life Bariatric Vitamins is passionate about assisting you on your pre and post bariatric surgery journey. We work hard to ensure our vitamins, supplements, and products are of the absolute highest quality and value. It is because of you that we continue to make sure our bariatric vitamins and products are the best on the market and that we meet and exceeds all clinical standards, while at the same time being simple and affordable supplementation. YOU are the reason our products are so great, thank you for pushing us to exceed not only ASBMS standards but our own high level of standards daily!

It is also important to us to provide useful information for your life, health, and enjoyment! With the holidays approaching, we would like to share with you a bit of our "healthy holiday eating" tips. It is just a few little things that we hope will make a difference to make your holidays healthier and happier.

Exercise. Exercising can help burn off excess calories and fat consumed over the holiday gatherings. Please be sure to check with your Doctor to find the best routine to fit your fitness level.

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Think about your cooking methods. Grilling is always better than frying and if you are roasting try some of the low-calorie spray oils. Steaming vegetables is a great way to keep as much of the nutrients in as well!

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Don't starve yourself. Eat often. Low-fat healthy snacks through out the day. This will be a great way to fend off the big holiday meal "binge", as you won't be so hungry and feel ravenous by the time the holiday gathering starts.

Watch out for sugary foods! Over-indulging in sweet/rich food can make you feel sick and bloated. Instead stock up on raw vegetables, wash ahead of time and keep in snack bags to make it easier to choose the healthy options.

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When your full stop eating. Don't feel obligated to finish your plate. Listen to yourself and when your body signals that you've had enough, stop eating.

We hope this blog will be helpful to help make your festivities even healthier!

To your health! 
The Bari Life Team
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