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Why Calcium & Iron Can Be Taken Together In One Multivitamin

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Do not be misled by those who say you must take iron and calcium at different times of the day
The absorption of calcium and iron is a controversial topic in the realm of bariatrics. Research has shown that

  • Calcium does not interfere with non-heme iron found in supplements. 
  • Calcium does interfere with heme iron found in meat. 
For instance, you should not take a calcium supplement before or after eating a steak. NON-heme iron is the iron found in vitamin supplements. The medical professionals behind Bari Life feel that other vitamin / pharmaceutical companies require patients to take calcium and iron separately because it increases sales.
There are virtually no studies performed with patients who have altered digestive systems by means of weight loss surgery (WLS). However, the New Life Center for Bariatric Surgery has a study that is pending publication for bariatric medical journals that proves NON-heme iron absorbs just as well when taken with calcium, as opposed to the iron being taken by itself.

The study comprised of over 300 gastric bypass patients. Each patient was evaluated before their bariatric surgical procedure, then again at 6 months and 12 months after the procedure. The patients were evaluated for deficiencies in iron, vitamin D, B-1, B-12, and vitamin A. The vitamin deficiency rate of patients taking Bari Life multivitamins was compared to the deficiency rate of patients taking other leading bariatric vitamin brands (non-compliant patients)

Other studies have shown that only 25% of patients are compliant with iron supplementation after gastric bypass surgery. Conversely, in the Bari Life study of over 300 gastric bypass patients, not one was hypocalcemic
Dr. Stephen G. Boyce developed the Bari Life bariatric vitamins because he wanted a product that was simple and would meet or exceed the ASMBS clinical practice guidelines in a one bottle formula. He also wanted to reduce the cost of the vitamin regimens and the quantity of vitamins patients need to consume. Most importantly, he wanted to increase his patient’s compliance. Dr. Boyce is confident that Bari Life multivitamins put patients on the right path to achieve a healthier body after WLS. Bari Life vitamins help protect you from the potential dangers of vitamin deficiencies.

Dr. Boyce’s bariatric practice was named the 7th Center of Excellence in the nation and he has performed over 4,000 weight loss surgical procedures. Dr. Boyce has the expertise and knowledge to fully understand the vitamin and mineral needs of a weight loss surgical patient.

Do not be misled by those who say you must take iron and calcium at different times of the day. There is no other bariatric vitamin company founded by a bariatric surgeon who has performed a clinical study as large as the Bari Life study. Big companies would love to keep selling patients bottle after bottle of different vitamin supplements to drive up sales. Especially now that weight loss surgery is gaining more recognition and helping more and more people achieve a healthy body. Bari Life Bariatric Supplements wants patients to know that they don’t have to take all their vitamins separately and spend more money if they don’t want to. Bari Life multivitamin users are 50% more compliant.

The Bari Life multivitamin regimen is by far the best value.
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To your health! 
The Bari Life Team  
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