Tuesday, February 11, 2014

500 Miles in 2014 Walking Campaign

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We are excited to sponsor the "500 Miles in 2014 Walking Campaign" this year! Every month we will be giving away prizes to the top mileage earners! Be sure to check out the Facebook page for the campaign!

Today we introduce, Jessica Dickey, the brains behind the campaign! Below, she shares with us her weight loss surgery journey. I hope that all of you will read and get as motivated and pumped as we are! She is an inspiration to us all! Thank you, Jessica! 

My Weight Loss Surgery Journey- Jessica Dickey

My name is Jessica and Bariatric Beginnings is my blog and my therapy. The blog has been a lifesaver for me. My personal weight loss surgery journey started on July 12, 2010, when I underwent gastric sleeve weight loss surgery as the first step in a "staged" bariatric surgery process. I had my second step surgery, gastric bypass, on Jan. 14, 2013.

I was too heavy back in 2010. I had a BMI of over 65 and my surgeon also felt that I was on too many medications for my anxiety and depression, after being misdiagnosed with bi-polar disorder in 2009, for the bypass to be safe.

I had type II diabetes and sleep apnea at age 27; something needed to be done. He said that one day I could have the bypass done if I ever got mentally better. I refused to believe that I had failed or been unsuccessful with my first surgery.

Most other bariatric people are not aware that the sleeve can often be the first step in a two-step process. Many are quick to tell me my sleeve failed since I had a second surgery. We did the first surgery, the sleeve, to get me to a better place physically and a better place mentally so that one day, when financially able, I could undergo the bypass surgery to help get the largest amount of weight off.

My sleeve helped me lose about 50 pounds and go off my diabetes medications. Mentally, I went from seven psychiatric medications to being medication-free. My sleeve did work, at least to me it did. My first surgery was also a difficult journey. I was hospitalized twice in the first 10 months for wanting to seriously hurt myself and used to have to take seven different medications to just barely function.

Somehow, I managed to lose about 50 pounds through all this and I have kept that off and am now living medication-free. I think that's successful considering I could have been six feet under at this point. I've now lost more than 150 pounds total through the aid of both surgeries, and I am losing more each month. As of December 2013, I officially no longer have sleep apnea or diabetes with a normal A1c of 5.4!

I had the second surgery because I wanted to be healthier, accomplish things I couldn't do before, to possibly start my own family someday and maybe be taken seriously by society. The people who matter most are by my side and don't judge me. This is my journey and mine alone.

I came up with the campaign because walking has been one of the most useful tools in my journey. During the warmer months in Ohio, I try to walk 2-4 miles every day.  I love walking and walking is a great exercise to begin with if you aren't yet very active. It's free, peaceful, a great bonding experience with loved ones and something we all can do!

I created the campaign to inspire others to get out there and move.  Encouraging others on their journeys is something I truly enjoy. By giving them the whole year to complete the challenge, it makes the goal less scary and hopefully feel more reachable.

To your health!
The Bari Life Team
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